Captain von Lontz was a member of the Nazis during World War II. By the fall of 1943, he was the captain of his own ship. He specifically targeted American freighter ships traveling the Atlantic. To this end, he would use a stolen American fighter plane with a steel girder attached to it to knock out the ship's communications, leaving them unable to call for help as they were attacked and sunk. Von Lontz's crew would ensure that the crew was slaughtered as well so that nobody would figure out how the ships were being sunk.

After a series of successes, Von Lontz's operations met their end when the Sub-Mariner began investigating the attacks. Learning the truth, the Sub-Mariner attacked Von Lontz's ship but was knocked out by the Nazi who placed him on the next ship they targeted with a bomb set to explode. Namor freed himself and allowed the ship to be blown up to make Von Lontz and his crew believe he had been slain in the explosion.

Von Lontz and his men were then knocked out by the hero who then he boarded their ship. Namor then set the ammo stores ablaze, causing a massive explosion that killed Von Lontz and his crew.[1]

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