Von Ratter was a member of the Nazi Navy that was active during World War II. By the summer of 1942, he patrolled the water of Africa and gained infamy for sinking many American vessels along with his comrade Von Rommel.

Their operations soon came to an end when the Sub-Mariner and an army of Atlanteans came to the region to put a stop to them. Von Ratter and Von Rommel's fleet were no match for Namor's newly construct sub-tanks that could combat on land as well as in the sea. Forced to the desert inland, they were once more forced to flee when the sub-tanks created a powerful windstorm that decimated their troops.

Seeking refuge in an city whose people they slaughtered, both Von Ratter and Von Rommel believed they would be safe based on the assumption that the Sub-Mariner would slay their troops before learning of their location. This proved to be their undoing, and the Sub-Mariner followed them to their hideout. Then disguising his men as Nazi soldiers, Namor attacked Von Ratter and Von Rommel. Von Ratter was captured in the raid, and Von Rommel was captured shortly after. En Route to an American vessel to turn the two Nazi captains over, Namor prevented the two Nazis from committing suicide by jumping into the ocean.

They were turned over to the Americans and were taken as prisoners of war.[1] The fate of Von Ratter following the war is unknown.


Von Ratter commanded his own German battleship and later piloted his own tank.

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