Von Rottz was a member of the Nazis during World War II. Blind, he attained acute hearing. By the summer of 1944, he had relocated to Geneva, Switzerland where he romanced Anna Frankenstein and the two conspired to use the notes from her ancestor Victor Frankenstein to create their own monster for the Nazis.

With their creature completed, they attempted to lure Captain America and Bucky into a trap so that the monster could destroy the two heroes. After the monster failed in its first attack on the heroes, Von Rottz agreed to lead them through the castle to search for the monster, assuring them that his memory of the castle and his hearing could assist them in tracking the monster.

When the monster attacked again, it grabbed Bucky and tossed him off the parapet of the castle. Bucky was saved by Captain America and as the two began climbing back up the wall to the parapet, Von Rottz attempted to stop them, however the monster attacked him and strangled Von Rottz to death.

The creature was shortly tricked into walking into a quicksand pit, and later, Anna committed suicide when her part in the nights events was revealed. In response to his daughter's death, Anna's father burned down her lab.[1]


Although blind, Von Rottz had acute hearing. He had the layout of Castle Frankenstein trained to memory as well.

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