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On Earth-4263, World War II took a different turn, and by 1942, the Nazis were losing the war, forcing Hitler to focus on an escape plan so that he might survive the war and plot anew at a later date. His top scientist Von Schalz came up with a solution. Inventing a form of "chemical ice" to put Hitler and his highest ranking officials in a state of suspended animation, they escaped the fall of Nazi Germany to plan anew. Von Schalz hid his personal wealth before putting himself in suspended animation for 1109 years. Revived in the year 3051, they attempted to take over the world and then the universe. To this end, they enthralled Captain Daring with Von Schalz's hypnotic abilities and use his military strategy to take over the world.[1]

Ultimately, Hitler and his cohorts would be stopped.[2]


Von Schalz was a master hypnotist who could enthrall people to do his bidding after making eye contact. The limits his his hypnotic ability remain to be explored.


Von Schalz is a scientific genius that surpassed his own time. He developed a chemical ice solution of unspecified chemical composition that could put beings into a state of suspended animation for an extended period of time. The limits of this technique are unexplored, but they can put an individual in a state of suspended animation for at least 1109 years.

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