Von Schmeer was a member of the Nazis who was active during World War II. In the summer of 1943, he was enrolled in one of Heinrich Himmler's schools that taught Nazi agents sabotage and spying techniques. One of Himmler's best students, the head Nazi sent him on a mission to go into the United States and provide a new frequency for the spy networks there.

To this end, he was placed aboard a Nazi U-Boat that traveled across the Atlantic and attacked a merchant ship. The U-Boat gunned down all those who jumped ship, leaving one survivor for Von Schmeer to steal credentials from and pose as. Jumping into the water, he cried for help and was "rescued" by the Sub-Mariner who happened to be aboard the attacked ship.

The rescue spelled the eventual failure of Von Schmeer's mission as Namor noted that the man's hair was dry despite supposedly jumping ship. When Von Schmeer was picked up by an American destroyer, he sabotaged their cannon and prevented it from attacking, causing it to be backfire and explode. Later, when landing in the United States, Von Schmeer set about getting to the first of many Nazi spy dens to begin his mission.

An obnoxious narcissist, he attempted to tamper with a taxi cab's meter. When the driver noticed, Von Schmeer killed him and stole the cab. At the Nazi hideout, Von Schmeer refused to tell anyone the frequency change, determined to do every conversion himself. The Sub-Mariner broke into the base and attacked but was overpowered and tossed in the nearby harbor bound in chains with a time bomb strapped to his back. Namor survived this attempt and stopped Von Schmeer just after he finished changing the frequency of the first of many radio sets. Namor easily beat Von Schmeer and his men into submission and turned them over to the FBI.[1]

Von Schmeer's subsequent fate is unknown.

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