Professor Voodini was a wealthy man who grew to despise his family whom he came to believe greedily wanted his money. In order to stop them from ever laying a claim to them, Voodini would fake his own death with the aid of his butler. He then created a false will to be read by his lawyer, telling his family that only those who survived a night in his supposedly haunted mansion alive would get his fortune. Dawning a glowing cloak, Voodini intended to murder his family members one by one to deny them of his fortune.

Unfortunately for Voodini, his plot would be ruined by the presence of Deadline Dawson and his friend Terry Vance, boy detective. After the will reading and the first murder of on of Voodini's family members, Terry suspected the truth. During Voodini's second attempt, he was stopped from killing again by Terry and was fatally shot by his own lawyer.

Dying, Voodini would explain his mad plot and told them that upon his actual death there was a real will that could then be read. Obtaining it, the lawyer read to the surviving guests that Voodini was leaving his entire fortune to an old age home for senior actors.[1]


Voodini used a glowing cloak to frighten his victims.

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