Like the rest of the Cadre, Vor grew up in an upstate New York monastery of the Knights Templar. Once they discovered their true names and powers, the three Hellbent decided to escape, hitching a ride on a truck bound for Manhattan and arrived in Fifth Avenue. With their powers active in the middle of the city, they caused a major commotion, which drew the attention of Spider-Man, the NYPD, and Code: Blue. Vortex tried to defend his sister, but eventually, Chloe Tran, who recognized the trio as Hellbent, arrived and calmed Dementia, and Spider-Man formed a web-dome to provide them all a break to regain their composure. Chloe explained their origins, but Spider-Man, while sympathetic, tried to stop them from departing without facing the consequences for their actions. When Code: Blue attacked anew, however, Spider-Man allowed the group to escape. The Hellbent trio was then accompanied by Chloe back to their former home where they found the corpses of Gregori and the rest of the monks stationed there. Chloe took the Hellbent trio to an apartment room behind an abandoned facade and false walls in a seemingly dead tenement just south of the Manhattan riverfront's Alphabet City[1].


Aerokinesis: Vortex has the ability to generate powerful wind bursts and whirlwinds. Vortex can also manipulate the air into a defensive windshield with his powers.

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