The Voyager is an alien - or possibly extra-dimensional being - who claims to be "The law, the total order". First time seen while approaching the Earth in its hunt for the demon Nosferath, upon arriving on the planet takes possession of a young man's dying body as its host. The entity recognizes that the man - the son of a judge, victim of a Maggia execution - was himself a servants of the law, and begins to feel impulses never experienced before, then it focuses in its mission which consists in the removal of Nosferath's corrupting power and all the remnants of the "infection" from our reality, even if the price to be paid could be the destruction of the planet.[1]

Hours later, during the battle which sees Front and Lancelot united in a desperate last stand to Nosferath, the Voyager materializes within the walls of Vera Croce and banishes the Child One into the hellish dimension which was his eternal cage before the Meta Impulse. Alma Matrix and Edwig Caine die in the course of the action. The members of Gemini, wounded by the demon but still in possession of their powers, are taken away by rescue teams while the Voyager - which begins to savor its human emotions, decides to spare to the planet and the five heroes.[2]


  • Flight: Voyager can fly into the atmosphere as well as in deep space at an unknown speed. To cover sideral distances, it enters a sleep mode relying on an astrogation's automatic pilot.
  • Energy Manipulation: Voyager manipulates an unknown form of energy into blasts and rays, usually channeled through its halberd.
  • Superhuman Strength: Voyager enhanced form grants to its host body physical strength far in excess of a human being.


Voyager's Suit: His suit is made of alien materials and techs, includes a life support system and disposable solar wind collector wings. The suit changes to adapt to the Voyager's host body.


Voyager's Halberd: Voyager wields an halberd capable of emitting powerful energy blasts as well as a tractor beam which operates as a portal to other dimensions.

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