Vranx was a dangerous Skrull criminal, who had left a string of bodies across three galaxies. His first victims were his own parents. This was the event that caused his little brother Raze to swear revenge. Raze became a bounty hunter, and chased his brother across the Skrull Empire. He would change identity whenever he reached a new world to commit new crimes. Due to the ruthless nature of his brother he got himself cybernetically enhanced, gaining super strength and the ability to shoot energy blasts.

On the planet Calculex, Vranx spent his time in the Dark Side bar surrounded by beautiful alien women. When Raze entered the bar he called Vranx out, threatening that he will kill everyone until he shows himself. Vranx showed himself but when Raze threatened to kill him the Silver Surfer got in the way, allowing Vranx time to escape. Raze told the Surfer that Vranx had left a string of corpses across three galaxies and it was his job to bring him down. The Surfer offered to help bring him to justice but without killing him.

The two tracked Vranx down. Vranx surprised them from behind with an energy blast. He punched out the Silver Surfer, who decided to stay out of the fight so the two could settle their personal score. Vranx fought Raze and before long, Vranx disarmed and incapacitated his brother, and held him in the air by the throat. Vranx taunted Raze and prepared to finish him off. But before he could, he was knocked out by an energy blast from the Surfer from behind. But Raze pulled out a gun and shot his brother dead, revealing his true Skrullian form.[1]


Super Skrull Engineering

  • Fusion Enhanced: Vranx was "fusion enhanced," giving him super strength and the ability to fire strong energy blasts.

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