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Quote1.png Heed me... a Shi'ar assault fleet is coming... Warn your leaders... Prepare your weapons... Build up your defenses... Bring a warning to the guardians of human and mutantkind... The X-Men... Tell your people! Protect the Earth... She has come. She has come. Quote2.png


Vril-Rokk was one of the longest serving members of the Imperial Guard.[1] He battled the X-Men of Earth when the Imperial Guard was ordered to kill them by the Majestor D'Ken.[2]

However, when D'Ken was dethroned and the Majestrix Lilandra took his place, Smasher fought alongside the heroes on more than one occasion.

He also fought in the so called Operation Galactic Storm, which was a war between the Kree and the Shi'ar Empire.[3]

Vril escaped the Mummudrai, known as Cassandra Nova, when she had taken over the body of Charles Xavier and was out to destroy Lilandra and conquer the empire. Vril was sent to Earth, but after traveling unprotected through hyperspace he crashed. He was able to gasp out a warning to the earthlings before collapsing. Unfortunately, these earthlings were cows, who could not pass on his message. Smasher was retrieved by Plutonia and eventually recovered.[4]

When he crash-landed in rural Iowa, Smasher's Exospex cracked, and although he was rescued, he left behind a shard of his Exospex. That fragment grew into a new pair of Exospex; after all, this device is an artificial parthenogenic organism. One day, Izzy Kane found this alien artifact on her family farm. Trying them on, she was transformed into the Superguardian Smasher. By the time of her discovery, Vril Rokk had been dead for some time.[5]

Vril Rokk was apparently among the casualties of Vulcan's attack on the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.[6]


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Experienced hand-to-hand combatant.



  • Exospex: are advanced Shi'ar technology, these special goggles enabled the user to download additional superhuman powers, but only one at a time.
  • Flight Patches: The Smasher suit has anti-gravity "flight patches" that enabled the wearer to fly. Flight patches are standard issue for Imperial Guardsmen who lack the power of flight.


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