Vulcan was sent by Mars to Earth on a mission of conquest and plunder to steal Earth's gold. He arrived on Earth in New York's Central Park, and was confronted by Spiderman, who had been chasing the petty criminal, Boomer. Using his own body as a projectile, Spiderman was able to knock Vulcan unconscious, and with the help of a group of teen hotrodders restrain him with several weblines. Boomer, however, was still lurking in the area. After receiving a promise of allegiance from Vulcan, Boomer freed him by cutting the weblines with a pair of bolt cutters. Vulcan then used a specialised thunderbolt to launch Spiderman towards space. Spiderman was able to free himself from the thunderbolt by anchoring himself with a webline to the mast of The Empire State Building. Vulcan and Boomer proceeded downtown to loot the gold from The Bank of Nations, where Vulcan proved invulnerable to missile attacks. With Spiderman's return, Vulcan attempted to destroy the wallcrawler with an indestructable homing thunderbolt. Spiderman was able to use the thunderbolt's homing tendancies, however, to redirect it back towards Vulcan, who was then carried away by it into space.[citation needed]




Hammer, Lightning Bolts

During the episode in which he appears, Vulcan's voice changes multiple times. It is likely that takes from different voice actors were accidentally combined for this episode.

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