Quote1 An entire century goes by, and you're supposed to be the next level of bad guy? Give unto me a break. Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Peter Parker) src

Much of this character's history is unknown. At some point in his life, he developed a taste for human flesh and later assumed the alias Vulture. While in Downtown, Nueva York, he somehow came into possession of a flight suit using similar technology as his predecessor. Early in the year 2099, Vulture saved Spider-Man's life from the Public Eye patrols. Spider-Man discovered that he is a cannibal and subsequently defeated him.[1]

Vulture resurfaced and battled Peter Parker when he traveled to 2099 from the present.[2] He later formed a partnership with the Goblin for control of Downtown.[3]

After the floods, Vulture was revealed as the overall leader of the Wild Boyz. He tried to bring Wulff back into the fold, but Wulff's teammate Uproar kept him out of Vulture's control; Vulture, along with the Wild Boyz and his daughter Fiona, was killed by the Phalanx.[4]




Wing Harness: He has a similar flight harness to that of several others who have used the alias Vulture. The true potential of his harness is unknown.


Claws: He has a weapon that can turn into claws on each hand and can shoot the talents from the weapon.

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