The Vulture was a member of the Nazis who was active during World War II. By the fall of 1943, he was stationed in Nazi occupied France where he was constantly besieged by French guerilla fighters. He vowed to wipe them out, and after capturing one of their members who decided to turn traitor, he learned that they intended to attack a train load of French slave workers in order to liberate them.

With this knowledge, he was able to resist the attack, even with the intervention of Captain America and Bucky who were in the area delivering supplies to the guerillas. Captain America and Bucky were captured by the Vulture but managed to escape and return to the guerillas' camp. An attack on the Vulture's compound by Captain America and resistance fighters led to their capture and Captain America's torture, although Captain America would not reveal any secrets. When a female resistance fighter (the sister of the man who betrayed their cause) was captured as well, Captain America was able to break free and release the other prisoners.

They then captured the Vulture and learned who the traitor was. While resistance forces clashed with Nazi soldiers, Captain America and Bucky attempted to force the Vulture to drive to the resistance camp. The Vulture, in a ditch effort for freedom, attempted to swerve the car into another direction, but only managed to bring himself into the crossfire between the two clashing forces. The Vulture was gunned down, while the other passengers aboard the car escaped alive. Soon the Vulture's forces were defeated, and the traitor in the guerillas' ranks was executed.[1]


The Vulture carried various German firearms that were standard issue during World War II.

The Vulture should not be confused with Conan & Red Sonja's enemy Mikhal Oglu, Tex Morgan's enemy Vulture (Outlaw),Hugh Bradley,Cap's enemy Ottokar Meltzer,the Torch's enemy Harrison Klein,Lorna the Jungle Queen's enemy Rudy Rudolph,the Torch's enemy Doctor Isidoro Scarlotti,or Spider-Man's various Vulture enemies(Adrian Toomes,Blackie Drago,Clifton Shallot and Jimmy Natale)[Official Index To The Marvel Universe:The Avengers,Thor & Captain America#9(3/11)].

Der Geier is German for Vulture.

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