The Vulture was an outlaw who was active during the days of the American Frontier. He earned his nickname due to his ruthless ways, bald head, and pointed nose. Riding into Hangtown, an outlaw town, he murdered the local outlaw leader Red Hastings and took over his gang. He then began targeting local ranches, stealing cattle and horses to bring into the valley. All opposition were either gunned down or were forced to tend to the stolen cattle.

Eventually, the Vulture's operation attracted the attention of US Marshall Tex Morgan and his sidekick Lobo, after a friend of Tex's father was murdered during a cattle theft. The pair tracked down the valley where the stolen animals were kept, and while Lobo was sent to free the animals and enslaved workers, Tex went to Hangtown to confront the Vulture. Tex got the drop on the Vulture and his men at the local saloon, gunning down most of the gang with an assist from the arriving Lobo.

Tex then challenged the Vulture to a draw and easily outdrew the outlaw, shooting him dead and ending his brief reign.[1]


The Vulture rode a horse.


The Vulture carried six shooters

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