The Atlantean scientist known as Kyral who lived hundreds of years ago, developed a cloning process which could be used to grow and develop food. The process was eventually stolen and then used to create a slave race for the Atlantean people. This last for many years until a rebel slave known as Delta Nine led a rebellion to gain freedom and equal rites for his people. It was at this time the current king of Atlantis Thallo, ordered the death of all the slaves, and outlawed cloning.

In the early 1920's another Atlantean scientist known as Vyrra began his own illegal experiments into the science of cloning. He was later discovered and banished from Atlantis by the King Thakorr, although it appeared harsh, but the actual sentence would normally have been death. He was forced to take up residence in a hidden cave in the Boundary Trench. Over time Vyrra name became legend used to scare young Atlantean children.

Sometime later, the Atlantean known as Byrrah under the orders of Walord Krang, mad Vyrra create a genetically engineered warrior. His creation was Mako a super-Atlantian who could battle on the surface world in the name of Atlantis.

Many Decades later the the Atlantean princess known as Namora found Vyrra's cave, believing that it was fate that brought her there. Namora was a hybrid, and due to this she was unable to have children. Namora asked Vyrra to clone herself and place that developing child in her womb to develop naturally. Vyrra followed her wishes but also included the X-gene as the child would later produce the wings and would be able to fly like Namor the Sub-Mariner. The child was called Namorita and was perfect which allowed her to raise the child without anyone being aware of it's true origin.

As time went on Vyrra tried to keep himself alive through science but he could only hold off death for so long and wished to return home and be buried in Atlantis. Vyrra formed a plan by which he excavate Lady Dorma's corpse from her grave and clone her to which Namor would be so happy to see her he would forgive Vyrra passed mistakes. The clone was perfect and was aged to the appropriate age, but the downside was she had the mind of a newborn. This process was repeated eight times, which left him with a group of mindless clones. This was when some Atlanteans scouts discovered one of the clones of them and recognised her as their king’s deceased wife.

They then reported back to Namor of their unusual discovery. Namora and Namorita travelled to Lady Dorma's grave only to find it empty. They followed the trail which leads them to Vyrra secret lab. Namor confronted the scientist and forced him to reveal his true intentions and why he created them. Vyrra then accidentally revealed the true origin of Namorita, that she was a clone. Namorita swam from the cave distraught about her origin, Namor followed and tried to console his young cousin.

When Namor left, Vyrra realized that he would soon return and destroy his lab. Vyrra used on of machines to transfer his mind into one of the Dorma clones. Killing his old body in the process, Vyrra fled in the new body and hid from site. Vyrra left a note requesting for his body to be buried in Atlantis, to which Namor refused at of anger for his actions. This left Vyrra angry at his refusal and place his old body in stasis.

Vyrra in his new body swam from the cave but came across the Lemurian known as Llyra. He then leads her back to his cave, whilst Llyra is in shock as she was the one that killed the Lady Dorma. At the cave Vyrra reveals his true identity and Llyra tells the scientist that she is pregnant and needs his help. Llyra's plan was to accelerate the growth of the child to adulthood.

Vyrra then copied Llyra's mind and placed it in the child. Llyra then told Vyrra that she would follow his request of having his body buried in Atlantis. Vyrra had also secretly transferred his mind into the body as well. The child ages to sixteen years in the matter of minutes, and when the process was done, Llyra snapped the scientist neck. Llyron now possessing the mind of both of them followed Vyrra's least request and buried his body in Atlantis with a suitable monument commemorating his life.


  • Atlantian Abilities: Vyrra possesses the conventional attributes of Homo mermanus: gills that extract oxygen from water, superhuman physiology to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, and acute vision. He can swim at approximately 30 miles per hour. He can remain out of water for approximately nine minutes before beginning to suffocate. However, he can operate on the surface by wearing a water-filled helmet or using a chemical that enables him to draw oxygen from the air.


Vyrra was a skilled geneticist, able to perform such feats as cloning life forms and transferring a being's mind into another body.

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