W.C. Tuttle was the president of his own insurance company in the 1940s. His greed got the better of him in the summer of 1942. Devising the costumed identity of Mr. Z, he tracked down mob boss Bull Murdock and offered him a new money making scheme: Forcing the wealthy to sign over their life insurance and then murder them to claim the policy payout.

This scheme attracted the attention of the Terror who correctly deduced what Murdock and his men were doing. The Terror then took out a life insurance policy in his civilian guise, knowing that Murdock and his men would eventually come to him. This turned out to be Tuttle's undoing, as he personally tagged along on the attempt to kill the Terror. Although the Terror was initially knocked out, the hero was revived when the crooks unknowingly tossed him into the fire place, unaware that the flames would revitalize the hero. The Terror easily defeated the mob, and unmasked Mister Z, learning his true identity. The Terror left Tuttle and the other crooks for the authorities, their fate is unknown.



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