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Due to the suspended distribution of new print titles by Diamond Comic Distributors beginning April 1st amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Marvel Entertainment has decided not to release any new comic book titles digitally either. Diamond resumed distribution on May 27th, but some titles have been pushed back for several months. For more information, please visit here.


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Peter Parker. Spider-Man. Scientist. Troublemaker?

Thanks to none other than Tony Stark, a new scientific research station for the teenage heroes of the Marvel Universe has just been completed – and Spider-Man just got an invitation to join! Working alongside some of your favorite faces from the MU and a whole bunch of awesome new gadgets, and with Iron Man keeping an eye on the them, surely everything’s going to go great for the heroes, right?


Face front, True Believers, and treat yourself to this first issue in an adventure of the WORLDWIDE ENGINEERING BRIGADE!

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