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Wilson had no family, friends, or any other relationships that meant anything to him. He entered military service during World War Two, for the purpose of killing the "bad people" for the fun of it, in which he was a part of the infamous Merrill's Marauders. He and the Marauders fought in the Burma Campaign and were tasked with liberating Singapore from the Japanese 18th Division using hit-and-run tactics; however, the 18th Division's supply and communication lines were severely undermined by the Marauders and Wilson was captured and taken to the Fukuoka Prisoner of War Camp outside of Kyushu, Japan, where he was tortured daily for nearly a year. Throughout his ordeal, Wilson bore the punishment which ultimately broke his sanity (or in Wilson's belief, becoming the "real me"). Near the end of his torture, he was left hanging on thumb-holds to drown after long refusing to cooperate with his torturer. But he escaped and killed his torturer in his sleep with his swords, stealing the mask and weapons he now uses. When asked by his psychologist as to how he escaped, Wilson revealed that he had eaten his thumbs, removing one of his prosthetic thumbs.

Deadpool Kills Deadpool

Deadpool Pulp was recruited to the Deadpool Corps after a group of Evil Deadpools started killing every version of Deadpool in the Multiverse. He was a member of the group that recruited Deadpool-616 to their cause. He was later killed by a team of the Evil Deadpool Corps.[1]



Seemingly those of Wade Wilson of Earth-616.



  • Two Katanas.

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