Quote1 Hey... Kid... Dogpool was... well, he was a good dog. Quote2
-- Deadpool src

A dog version of Deadpool who was used to test Mascara X on. Mascara X was supposed to be a lipstick that when applied, replenished itself when rubbed off. Instead, Dogpool developed the ability to heal from any wound, but before his lab owners could discover this, they abandoned him for dead, dumping him in a dumpster. He made his way to the circus, where he became their star until the Deadpool of Earth-616 showed up and recruited him for the Deadpool Corps.

When an evil version of the Deadpool Corps started hunting down and killing alternate Deadpools, Dogpool was among the resistance that arrived to Earth-616 in order to warn this universe's Deadpool. One of the evil Deadpools also arrived to this reality, and tried to kill its Deadpool, only for Dogpool to defend him and be killed.[2]


Seemingly those of Wade Wilson of Earth-616.

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