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Quote1 Hey... Kid... Dogpool was... well, he was a good dog. Quote2


Dogpool was once a dog known as Wilson who was used as an animal test subject for Mascara X, which was intended to be a mascara that continually replenished itself after only one application. Instead, Mascara X disfigured Wilson and gave him ability to heal from any wound. The lab owners didn't realize he'd acquired this ability and tossed him in a dumpster. Wilson tore free of the trash bag and wandered, rejected by all who saw him, until he threw himself in front of a car. A circus truck saw it happen and stopped for him, and immediately recognized the potential of his regenerative abilities. He became the circus's starring act: the Death Defying Hound, Deadpool! He worked in the circus until the Deadpool of Earth-616 showed up and recruited him for the Deadpool Corps.[citation needed]

As part of the Corps, Dogpool travelled to Earth-20110 where the native Deadpool was a member of the Avengers and then they all died under unknown circumstances. When mind controlling berets fell from the sky, they resurrected Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man as zombie mimes. After the Deadpool Corps defeated the resurrected Avengers, one of the berets landed on the native Deadpool's head and overtook him. The Deadpool Corps killed the now-dubbed "Mimepool" by strapping him to a rocket and firing it off to the planet of the berets' origin.[2]

When an evil version of the Deadpool Corps started hunting down and killing alternate Deadpools, Dogpool was among the resistance that arrived to Earth-616 in order to warn this universe's Deadpool. One of the evil Deadpools also arrived to this reality, and tried to kill its Deadpool, only for Dogpool to defend him and be killed.[3]

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