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Wade Wilson was a new student of the Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys. There, he didn't fit in well with the other super powered students due to his troubling and juvenile tendencies and as a result ostracized by everyone, including the Orphanage's faculty. Thus, leaving him a very lonely child.[1]

Him in the first appearance, on the Prelude to Deadpool Corps Vol 1 2.

After being sent into detention with Scott Summers for disrupting their class session, Wade convinced Scott to escape from their detention to be at the school prom after telling him that he will help him to be with Jean Grey (if he is paid).[1]

At the prom, Deadpool caused a ruckus and fought with Logan and nearly all of the Orphanage's students. Mistress Storm stopped the fight, and Deadpool was ridiculed by everyone around him. Under pressure, Wade decided to leave the Orphanage for good. Just as he said this, Deadpool of Earth-616 arrived and recruited Wade into the Deadpool Corps in saving the Multiverse.[1][2]

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Seemingly those of Wade Wilson of Earth-616.



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