Little is detailed about Deadpool’s life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-14031, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as his Earth-616 counterpart.

In one of his previous battles, A.I.R. have gotten a sample of his blood and tried to study and manipulate it's healing factor in other to regenerate body demage. However, this failed, has the sample they used had similar properties to the Hunger Virus. This caused a zombie outbreak in the lab, eventually leading to a fire. Because of this, the infection has spread through the air.

Thougn there were "signs" of what was going on, Deadpool just didn't noticed it. He was then left in a "coma" of overdose of food in a chimichanga restaurant, and when he woke up and found himself surrounded by zombies, he finally noticed what was happening. Fortunately, a group of survivors appeared and rescued him. Returning to their safe-zone, they discover that it was gone. A soldier who was with them was zombified and ate "Granma". In their travels, the rest of them died and Deadpool was bitten, though he believed his healing factor would prevent him from turning.

However, he found a community where it's inhabitants allowed him to stay when he revealed he saved them from a bunch of old ladies who were going to attack them. A group of kids revealed to Wade there was another "super-hero" in town because they found out his suit, one of A.I.M.

Realizing he was an A.I.M. agent, he decided to make things clear with him. Clarence Skyes, the A.I.M. agent revealed how this all started, and Deadpool refused to believe this was his fault. While asleep, he turned and infected everyone in the community. When he finally returned to normal, he put an end to the community, killing the civilans turned zombies to free them of their suffering, just leaving Clarence "alive" since he decided to end this by trying to find a cure.

Deadpool severed his head, and so, he wasn't a threat, so now clarence would lead the directions to the lab were it started. Arriving in there, Deadpool entered the lab and shoot Clarence, ending his suffering. Unfortunately, he found himself surrounded by zombies, so he drinked sample of his blood and left the zombies eat him. Since drinking a sample of his own blood with similar properties with the Hunger Virus, the zombies were all turned into Deadpools, like part of his essence was in each one that ate his body.[1]


Seemingly those of Deadpool of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Deadpool of Earth-616.

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