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Deadpool is a mercenary who works for the highest bidder. His history most likely mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. Like many other incarnations, he is well aware that he is just a character in fiction. As such, he frequently breaks the fourth wall to address the audience, like complaining to the writing staff about the plot of the episode, demanding less screen time for the Avengers' partners and more for the heroes, and trying to take over the eyecatch segments at the start and end of each commercial break.

In his debute episode, Deadpool attacks a villain joint in Mexico and steals Iron Fist' DISK from King Cobra. He takes the DISK to the Avengers, where he tries to trade it for leadership of the team. The Avengers refuse however, even after Deadpool leads the team in a victorious fight with the Serpent Society. Deadpool thus keeps the DISK for himself. When he retreats to a rooftop to lament being turned down, he is confronted by Tiger Shark. Empowered by the Dimension Sphere, Tiger Shark is too strong for Deadpool to handle and even threatens to D-Secure Deadpool in a DISK; something that clearly terrifies him. It's only due to the intervention of the Avengers and Red Skull that Deadpool is spared this fate. He then slips away from the group, with Iron Fist's DISK still in his possession.[1]

Deadpool then unsuccessfully tried to sell the DISK to Taskmaster. When S.H.I.E.L.D. needed another hero to help Chris and Captain America take out Red Skull's base on a small island, Black Widow was send to Deadpool's apartment to hire him. Deadpool agreed to the mission because he instantly fell in love with Black Widow. He showed up just in time to save Cap and Chris from the Green Goblin, and D-Secured the villain. The three of them then ran into Baron Zemo, who was guarding the Gaia Anchor that Chris and Cap had come to destroy, and had seemingly taken Hawkeye hostage. While Chris was reluctant to fight Zemo, and thus risk Hawkeye's life, Deadpool didn't hesitate and engaged Zemo in a sword fight. However, due to his new powers given to him by the Dimension Sphere, Zemo was able to inflict injuries on Deadpool which Deadpool's healing factor could not heal. As such, Deadpool lost the fight, but before going down he shot Hawkeye, revealing the latter to be just an illusion. When Chris finally D-Smashed Captain America to fight Zemo, Deadpool contributed to the fight by shooting Zemo's sword out of his hands. Before Zemo himself was D-Secured by Chris, he activated the island's self-destruction. Chris tried to D-Secure Deadpool in a DISK so the DISK could heal him, but Deadpool refused, stating he'd rather die than become a prisoner. Chris instead carried Deadpool out of the building to the waiting S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Deadpool was taken to the Helicarrier and had his injuries treated, but when he tried too hard to flirt with Black Widow, she kicked him out of the Helicarrier into the ocean.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Wade Wilson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Wade Wilson of Earth-616.



Deadpool wielded two katanas, two fully automatic pistols


His voice actor, Takehito Koyasu had been known voicing Dio Brando in 2010's JoJo, Sasuke Sarutobi in Sengoku Basara, Shingo Yabuki in The King of Fighter, and Takasugi Shinsuki in Gin Tama

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