Quote1 Hey, you wanna be cool like me? Then put down the stupid video game and get off your sorry butt! Oh, get cool red threads, big guns and train like a billion hours until you're a master of sword, fist and firearm. If you think you really got what it takes, then annoy Wolverine and live to tell the tale! Quote2
-- Deadpool src


Deadpool was asked by the Collector to oversee the Battlerealm while he was away. Deadpool pitted the Summoner against many Champions, including the Deadpooloids (Symbioids who were covered with Deadpool's merchandising by the Merc With A Mouth himself), and a fusion of himself and Venom: Venompool, who had gone rogue and started destroying Battlerealm.[1]


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.


Deadpool's Suit


Deadpool's Katanas

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  1. Marvel Contest of Champions; Deadpoolooza Event Quest

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