Quote1 All hail Deadpool, proven Master of Time and Space! Quote2
-- Loop src

When Deadpool and Cable found themselves in the year 2050 as a result of the malfunctioning Split Second Temporal Dislocation Harness, they were immediately attacked by a time-traveler wearing a temporal suit and calling himself Loop.

During the recent time displacement, something happened to Cable and he was babbling incoherently about the timeline being sick, which forced Deadpool to defend him, as Nate was apparently Loop's target for assassination. Eventually the NYPD arrived, and Loop fled the scene.

Returning to the Timetech Facility, he ran into Deadpool yet again, and revealed himself to be none other than Wade Wilson. Dr. Carl Weathers, now the Temporal Adjudicator working for the Time Variance Authority, then recruited Deadpool to help cure the cancer within the timestream, giving him his own Loop Temporal Dislocation Harness, before sending them both back in time to save the universe by killing Cable.[1]


Those of Wade Wilson of Earth-616.


Those of Wade Wilson of Earth-616.

Strength level

That of Wade Wilson of Earth-616.


Those of Wade Wilson of Earth-616.


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