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Quote1 Which means now no one is lost. From now on, no mutant can ever be lost to us ever again. Quote2
Hope Summers[src]

The Waiting Room is an opt-in Elysian Fields exclusive to mutants that allows Cerebro to scan for mutants across time and space creating a permanent offshore backup to ensure no mutant is ever lost to resurrection.[1]


After Magneto revealed the miracle of mutant resurrection to the Scarlet Witch on the night of the Hellfire Gala, she formulated a plan to atone for her actions on M-Day. However, to properly cast her spell, the Scarlet Witch needed to experience the resurrection process herself.[3][4][1]

To ensure she would be resurrected, the Scarlet Witch staged a struggle and told Magneto to advocate for her resurrection (and to recruit Hope's help if needed) then cast a spell to murder herself.[1] Her body was found by Speed, Prodigy, and Eye-Boy.[4] While X-Factor and the X-Men investigated her apparent murder, the Quiet Council voted against resurrecting her.[5] However, Hope and the Five began to resurrect her anyways (though the final step of putting her soul back into her husk body was magically performed by Wanda herself).[6]

Having gone through the resurrection process, the Scarlet Witch was able to cast the ritual of three with Legion and Proteus to gather in pieces of all possibilities and use that confetti to create an Elysian Fields for mutants, a pocket dimension that existed in a liminal space between life and death called The Waiting Room. The new creation allowed Cerebro to scan across time and space for every mutant who died before Cerebro started its backups or before their X-gene could manifest, adding twenty million mutants to the resurrection queue overnight. Additionally, the Waiting Room offered an alternative to The Crucible by allowing depowered mutants to walk into through the gateway above Arbor Magna to enter themselves into the resurrection queue.[1]

Alternate Universe Versions[]

Sins of Sinister (Moira VII.1)[]

To forge an alliance between the Hell Lords and the Sinisters, Sebastian Shaw turned the Waiting Room into a Hell, as owning one was the only way to join the Infernal Parliament.[7]

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