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The Wakandan Embassy was home to the diplomatic mission of Wakanda. It was located in Manhattan near the United Nations Headquarters in Turtle Bay. When Black Panther visited the United States of America he often resided in the embassy.[1]

When T'Challa came to the United States on a political mission to oppose the American Superhuman Registration Act, he based his activities out of the Wakandan Embassy. Tensions arose between America and Wakanda due to T'Challa's dual citizenship wife, Ororo Munroe, not registering as a superhuman. When the Superhuman Civil War broke out in the streets of Manhattan, the embassy was targeted by the clone of Thor, and destroyed.[2]

Reed Richards allowed the Wakandan Embassy to temporarily move their offices to the Baxter Building while the building itself was repaired, and T'Challa and Ororo served as replacement members of the Fantastic Four during this period.[3]

Eventually the Wakandan Embassy was moved to Lenox Hill,[4] before eventually being transferred to the Triskelion.[5]

Alternate Realities[]

Marvel Animated Universe (Earth-12041)[]

The Wakandan Embassy temporarily became the next main base for the New Avengers under the co-leadership of Black Panther after the New Avengers Facility as destroyed and the previous team went missing.[6] When the original Avengers had been located and rescued, both teams were relocated back into the New Avengers Facility that had been completely rebuild.[7]

Wakandan Embassy from Marvel Avengers Academy 001

Wakandan Embassy in Earth-TRN562

Marvel Avengers Academy (Earth-TRN562)[]

After joining Avengers Academy, Black Panther built the Wakandan Embassy on school grounds.[8]

Marvel's Spider-Man (Earth-1048)[]

The Wakandan Embassy was one of the many New York City landmarks that can be visited by Spider-Man.[9]



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