Wal Rus was an engineer who helped Rocket Raccoon in his own adventures. He traveled with Rocket and Groot to help save the Felisian princess, Lynx from Halfworld leader Lord Dyvyne. They infiltrated Dyvyne's ship by having Rocket sneak down to the prison section where the princess was being held. Wal-Rus supplied him with the cell block number and security code to open the door with. After the rescue, Wal-Rus and Groot had to intervene during the fight between Rocket and Blackjack O'Hare's Black Bunny Brigade long enough for them to make their escape.[1]


  • His metallic tusks are interchangeables and can be used as tools as well as weapons (in Rocket Raccoon #1 can shoot laser-fire with a prosthetic tusks)
  • In his neck there're mechanic arms which he can manipulate objects and interchange his tusks



In his first adventures, Wal was Rocket's First helper

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