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Named by the Starjammer's leader, Corsair, after the remote manipulation devices from the Robert A. Heinlein short story Waldo, Waldo operated the pirates' sentient vessel Starjammer.[1]

Waldo assisted the Starjammers in various clashes with the corrupt Shi'ar leaders D'ken and Deathbird, along with menaces including the Brood and the Technarch Magus.

After Professor Charles Xavier joined the Starjammers, he and Waldo performed an experiment to increase the Starjammer's shielding using his telepathic powers, but the feedback from this effort caused a temporary gestalt to form between Xavier's mind and Waldo's computer brain. Subsequently, Waldo exhibited a human-like personality, including the use of various Earth-based colloquialisms. Waldo continued to serve the Starjammers, aiding them in the quest for the "Phalkon", which ultimately proved to be the Phoenix (Rachel Summers). When Deathbird corrupted the Starjammer's medic Sikorsky with a virus, he disabled Waldo to enable Deathbird's seizure of the Starjammer, but the Starjammers drove Deathbird from the ship, and Sikorsky recovered from the virus and repaired Waldo.[2]

Raza later attempted to kill the Avengers' Black Knight (Dane Whitman) in return for the whereabouts of his son from Kree General Galen-Kor, and Waldo gave Raza schematics of the Avengers headquarters, unaware of Raza's mission.[3]

When the Starjammers began ferrying Kree refugees through Shi'ar territory to the planet Standing Still, they regained the empire's enmity, and in one of their altercations, the Starjammer was badly damaged, taking Waldo off-line. Although the Clench (an anarchistic clan of Standing Still) helped repair the ship, they could not salvage Waldo.[4]

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Waldo had six arms that served as interface tools to the Starjammer's central computer. While linked to the Starjammer, Waldo could operate virtually all of its systems, including environmental controls, engines, weapons, sensors, communications, and teleportation technology. Although Waldo was normally stationary, its lower torso included an anti-gravity device for movement.


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