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Wales (Cymru) is a country located in the United Kingdom to the West of England. The people are known as Welsh and although English is widely spoken it is considered a second language, Welsh is the official first language of the country. The capital city is Cardiff home to the Welsh Government.



Following the Hyborian Age, the Cymric tribes formed from a mixed Nordic-Cimmerian race.

Those preceeded the Nordic Britons in the isles of Britain.[1]<

1st century

At an archaeological dig site Dr. Ellen Mallory and her team found helmet from the Iron Man Armor buried, dated from the 1st century A.D. He then used a time machine to go back to find out what happened.[2]

200 AD

Their descendants, the Cimri, fought Rome.[1]

14th Century

Damian Tryp was born as Dafydd ap Andras in in a small village south of Wales in the 14th century. Dafydd's mother died in childbirth, and at birth he began to manifest is mutant powers. In 1347, many of the townspeople blamed him for failed crops, plagues and called him a demon. Wanting to end the plague effecting the village, the towns people demand to sacrifice the young child. When Dafydd's father, Andras Tryp, refused to give in to the townspeople's demands, they set fire to their home killing Andras and nearly killing Dafydd. Dafydd was saved by teleporting from the home with help from his older self.[3]

Modern Age

20th century

Rom was in Wales and was confronted by the people of Gwillyn Dale who think him the evil that has taken their children. Rom then followed the eldritch trail left by the Dire Wraiths. Rom tracked the Wraiths to an old castle that local legend believed to be that of the evil sorceress Morgan Le Fay As he approached the castle, he was attacked by a trio of Hellhounds. After dispatching them, he came across a pair of Watchwraiths that he also defeated. Rom summoned his Analyzer in search of the Wraiths and images began to wash across his circuits of Arthurian legend. The children were bound in eldritch cocoons in preparation for the evil rites. Rom drew near but the stonework collapsed plunging him into the depths below where he came across the frozen remains of the knights of legend. Rom ascended and attacked the assembled Wraiths. Rom was nearly overcome and as he was losing consciousness he see the images of the knights come forth and battle the evil magic. Rom was awakened by the freed children who told him they saw nothing but him fighting the darkness. Rom was not so sure that it was he alone that saved the children.[4]

Herbert Wyndham (Earth-616) moved into the South-Welsh countryside when he was born.

Doctor Strange traveled to Swansea University to meet with Dafydd ap Iowerth, an alleged descendant of King Arthur Pendragon and member of the Dragon Circle.[5]

The S.T.O.R.M. headquarters were located in Northern Wales.[6]

21th century

At an archaeological dig site Dr. Ellen Mallory and her team found helmet from the Iron Man Armor buried, dated from the 1st century A.D. He then used a time machine to go back to find out what happened.[2]

Denise Waters woke up in Portmeirion, where she met Stewart Acheron who was looking for his son who had been abducted by aliens. They traveled to Colwyn Bay to meet with a couple whose child had also been abducted.[7]

Pixie (Megan Gwynn) of the X-Men was raised by her grandparents in the small mining town of Abergylid in Wales. Her mutant powers manifested in a near-miss road accident involving her bicycle and another car. She could manifest rainbow-colored butterfly wings allowing her to fly with great maneuverability.[8]

When Pixie returned to Wales she out that her hometown has been infiltrated by N'Garai demons; The X-Men arrive to assist and Pixie.[9]

When the natives of the Nine Realms appeared on Earth, a group of Frost Giants arose out of the sea off the coast of Wales.[10]

Thor battled Ddraig Goch over Wales [11]

Peter Wisdom visited the Red Dragon Pub in Cardiff and antagonized the Welsh locals. He then challenged a man named Dave Griffis who was raveled to be Ddraig Goch the Red Dragon.[12]

Black Widow traveled to Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch meet with Harry "Death-Ray" Evans. She asked him to help help her identify a high tech gun.[13]

Alternative Realities


Wales appears to have achieved independence from the United Kingdom in this reality, as the nation's flag is displayed in the United Nations General Assembly hall along with those of the other members.[14]


Captain Wales was a member of the Captain Britain Corps who was killed by Doctor Doom.[15]


On a bleak Welsh mountain range, Yorkie's old S.A.S. squadron have come home from Afghanistan with a little something extra, and Yorkie’s son is taking his life into his hands by spying on the deadliest soldiers in the world. This is where the S.A.S. put their new recruits through hell, the perfect place for Punisher's unique brand of vengeance. [16]


A Shadow-Dweller, Bryan lived in Wessex (now known as Wales), centuries ago. He became a respected leader of a local tribe and sought to educate them. This act eventually drew "The Man on the Horse", who proceeded to slay every human in the village. Deciding to spare Bryan, the man merely wiped his memory, leaving him mentally handicapped.[17]

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