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Wales (Cymru) is a country located in the United Kingdom to the West of England. The people are known as Welsh and although English is widely spoken it is considered a second language, Welsh is the official first language of the country. The capital city is Cardiff home to the Welsh Government.


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Captain Wales was a member of the Captain Britain Corps who was killed by Doctor Doom.[1]


On a bleak Welsh mountain range, Yorkie's old S.A.S. squadron have come home from Afghanistan with a little something extra, and Yorkie’s son is taking his life into his hands by spying on the deadliest soldiers in the world. This is where the S.A.S. put their new recruits through hell, the perfect place for Punisher's unique brand of vengeance. [2]


A Shadow-Dweller, Bryan lived in Wessex (now known as Wales), centuries ago. He became a respected leader of a local tribe and sought to educate them. This act eventually drew "The Man on the Horse", who proceeded to slay every human in the village. Deciding to spare Bryan, the man merely wiped his memory, leaving him mentally handicapped.[3]

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