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Distraught by Captain America’s recent seeming death, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter became reckless. During a mission, she launched into a foolhardy assault against a council of A.I.M. leaders. She performed quite well, though--at least until one of the A.I.M. leaders ordered the release of the Walking Stiletto, a combat robot that proved impervious to her weapons.

Captain America, however, wasn’t dead and charged in, along with Bucky, to save Carter. Thanks to some heavily focused teamwork, they eventually managed to bring the Walking Stiletto down.[1]

Years later, the Walking Stiletto was somehow salvaged and repaired by the Reanimator, only to be vanquished again by Wolverine. Several copies of the robot may exist, though.[2]

In the wake of increased oppression suffered by artificial life forms across America by the hand of the government, a countermovement emerged fighting for equal rights and robo-liberation. During this conflict, a Walking Stiletto joined the A.I. Army, a consolidation of this countermovement dedicated to fighting for their cause, often through terroristic means.[3]

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The Walking Stiletto is a tough humanoid combat robot, with blades for hands and a blast ray projector built into its forehead. It is well-armoured against all sorts of assaults, though if an attack does get through the plating it will likely inflict severe damage.

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