Wallachia was a nation of its own, encompassing Transia.[2] described as a "Romanian principality" bordering Transylvania on the south[3] (though Romania wasn't founded before the 19th century).[2][1]

It eventually came to form the modern country of Romania, joining with Moldavia.[1]


15th Century: War with the Ottomans

During the 15th century, Wallachia was at war with the Ottoman Empire.[4]

In 1431, the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund II named Vlad Dracul prince of Wallachia, a Romanian principality bordering Transylvania on the south. Dracul would eventually been killed by Transylvanian followers of John Hunyadi, the leading crusader against the Turks.

At seven years old, he allegedly ousted his half-brother Alexandru Aldea from the throne of Wallachia.[5]

In 1448,[3] at 18 years old,[6] Dracul's son Dracula took over the throne of Wallachia, with Turkish support, and ruled there for eight months before fleeing to Moldavia, in fear of the Transylvanians who had killed his father.

In 1459, aided by Hunyadi, Dracula became prince of Wallachia once again, and fought a brutal war against the Turks.[3]

The same year, once he had designated Dracula as his successor, the lord of Vampires Varnae committed suicide in Wallachia by exposing himself to direct sunlight.[7]

19th Century: Merging into Romania

In 1857[2] or 1859, Wallachia either joined with Moldavia to form Romania,[1] or merged with Moldavia and Romania. Upon that event, Transia broke off Wallachia and went on its own.[2]

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