Quote1 Officer Wally Layton. Like some kind of damn cheerleader, he wanted a super hero for his own town. We've faced death together. Now he's facing it because of me. He believed in me-- Quote2
-- Scarlet Spider src

Wally Layton is a police officer in Houston, Texas and is married to Doctor Donald Meland.[1] He is a supporter of Scarlet Spider being Houston's hero and helped him to find a bomb set by the Watchdogs somewhere in the city.[2] Wally has been Kaine's friend during his year as Houston's Scarlet Spider until he was kidnapped by Kraven and his daughter, Ana. In the conflict, Ana slashed Donald's stomach. Although Kaine was able to save them, Donald had to be hospitalized, making Wally develop a deep hatred for the man he called "hero". After Donald was taken to the hospital, Wally searched through S.H.I.E.L.D.'s criminal database and discovers that Kaine is an escaped convict. Still consumed by rage, Wally goes to the Four Seasons hotel to arrest Kaine. At first, Kaine surrenders with full intention to be arrested for his crimes. Wally's making the arrest, Shathra reveals her true form after masquerading as Kaine's girlfriend, Annabelle Adams as well as facing an explosion caused by Zoe Walsh. Kaine manages to save everyone from the explosion, but still has to deal with Shathra who easily overpowers Kaine. To protect his friends from being killed, Kaine taps into his Monstrous side and savagely destroys Shathra. Returning to normal, Kaine sees everyone around him completely terrified, including Annabelle who runs away. Wally decides to take care of the rest and tells Kaine to leave which he does.[3]

Months after leaving Houston, Kaine returns and briefly reunites with Wally. Wally is no longer angry with Kaine and although he's no longer Houston's hero, Wally still supports him.[citation needed]

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