Walter was born paraplegic, and had to live in a wheelchair.

Without help, he made his way to Empire State University and resented frustration regarding the new open policy of the University for the mutants, denouncing a positive discrimination when himself had to work hard, despite to his own handicap, and feeling that mutants, not tracked anymore and famous like X-Statix, didn't needed that much help.

When six students of a pro-mutants organization were killed, apparently in a racist bombing, the X-Man Jono Starsmore (Chamber) was sent to investigate about it. One of the six deceased was the precedent roommate of Walter, and this one was angered to another mutant roommate. However, he eventually befriended with Jono despite their initial opposition.

When the case was solved, the "bomber" being one of the mutants who lost control on his powers, Empire State University revised their policy but in the same time organized a exchange student program with Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Walter was the first (maybe only) student to participate, both after having estimate the school cannot be this bad as he initially thought, regarding at Chamber, and because of his want to study chemistry in Hank McCoy's classes.


Skilled in chemistry.


Walter has no control on his legs, and needs a wheelchair.



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