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Walter Destine was the child of the immortal Adam Destine and the Djinn Elalyth. Walter can increase his size and strength by transforming himself into a hulking monster.[4][7]


Over 200 years ago, Walter was the born to the immortal Adam Destine and the Djinn Elalyth.[3]

During his long life, Walter has experienced conflict in numerous wars. He was in Shanghai during the Opium War, at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War, in Delhi during the Sepoy Mutiny, in Passiondale during World War I, and in El Alamein during World War II.[3] During WWII, Walter served with military intelligence.[7]

In 1944, Walter's station was attacked by the Nazis using a large robotic war machine. The war machine was confronted by the Invaders (Captain America, the Sub-Mariner, and the Human Torch), but it rendered them unconscious. Walter then transformed and destroyed the robot before fleeing from Allied soldiers, who happened on the scene and thought he was in league with the Nazis.[7]

As part of the family's Relative Stranger Protocol, Walter is known today to outsiders as the son of the Walter Destine who served in World War II. He is the guardian of his much younger siblings Rory and Pandora, who were led to believe for years that he was their uncle. They gave him the codename "Wallop", though he refuses to accept this name. Walter is generally a strict parental figure, and resents the appearance of the other siblings in the children's lives when it suits them, especially Kay, who he feels tries to buy the twins' affections with gifts when her hedonistic lifestyle allows.



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Due to his magical heritage, Walter possesses several powers including:

  • Metamorphosis: Walter can take on a monstrous appearance with increased muscle mass and size, blue skin, pointed ears, more pronounced brow ridge, and flaming hair.[4][7] Although Walter can quickly transform into this monstrous form, it can take days or weeks for him to return to his fully human appearance.[8][5] Walter's transformations are typically triggered by strong emotional reactions, especially anger.[2]
    • Superhuman Strength: The upper limits of Walter's strength have not been reached, but in an enraged state was able to go toe to toe, blow for blow with the Juggernaut for a brief period which would suggest he is capable of lifting a minimum of 100 tons.
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Fire of Mahkala: When especially enraged, Walter's hair becomes a flame.[4] Sometimes, his entire skull and fists also become engulfed in fire.[5] Doctor Strange recognized this as the Fire of Mahkala.[6]
  • Advanced Longevity: Although he was born over two centuries ago, Walter still appears to be a relatively young.

Walter unable to revert his feet to their typical size


  • Anger: The angrier he gets, the more monstrous Walter gets, and the less control he has over his emotions and behavior.[2]
  • Clothing: Although Walter's size can quickly increase, his typical clothing does not stretch frequently leaving Walter naked when he transforms.[4][5]




  • Walter does not like to be called "Wally".[1]
  • When enraged, Walter's head is in engulfed in the Fire of Mahkala.[6] Mahkala is a member of the Vedic Gods, the pantheon of Hindu deities. Mahkala is typically depicted engulfed in flames.

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