Walter Hardy was a highly talented burglar, known as the Cat Burglar. He prided himself on never hurting anybody. He never even carried a gun. However, as he got older, he became slower and started to get afraid, so started to carry a gun.[1] While robbing a wrestling manager, the young Spider-Man (then attempting to raise cash as a wrestler) allowed him to escape. Later that night, the Burglar broke into the Parker home while Peter was away making a personal appearance as Spider-Man. The Burglar took the Parkers by surprise and held Benjamin Parker and May Parker at gunpoint. Saying that he needed her to show him around so he could find something, the Burglar grabbed May. Furious, Ben ordered the Burglar to unhand May and angrily reached toward him. Frightened, the Burglar shot Ben and stole his car and fled. Spider-Man, Ben's nephew, confronted the burglar in an old warehouse. Spider-Man unmasked the robber, only to find it was the same man who he let escape earlier. After knocking the criminal out and lowering him to policeman via web line. He was arrested and sent to prison.[2]

Some time later, he was transferred to the Vault, a maximum security prison for supervillains. His daughter, Felicia, aka the Black Cat, broke in to rescue him. However, at the same time, the Green Goblin had trapped Spider-Man inside the Vault and released all the captive super-villains (including Rhino, the Enforcers, and Silvermane). Black Cat, who had a crush on Spider-Man, went to help him despite her father's objections. When she introduced Spider-Man to Walter, Spider-Man immediately recognized him as the man who had killed his Uncle Ben. Although he initially went along with Black Cat and Walter in an attempt to get the Vault back under control, he made it clear that he still had not forgiven Walter and that he would never allow Walter to escape the prison.

The three of them devised a plan to lure the supervillains into a large chamber, which they would then flood with tranquiliser gas. This would require one of the three to remain behind. Felicia wanted Spider-Man to remain behind, but Walter said that he would do it. He explained that killing Ben Parker had been a terrible mistake, and that he deserved to be in prison. Spider-Man allowed this, but said that the act did not make them even, and that he still did not forgive Walter. Walter said he understood, and stayed behind anyway.[1]

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