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Walter Hardy was a renowned cat burglar, trained by the Black Fox,[1] whose daughter Felicia later followed in his footsteps as the Black Cat.[2]


Early Life[]

The working class man transitioned into a pupil under the tutelage of Raul Chalmers, operating as the enigmatic Black Fox. Alongside Castillo Drake, they served their mentor for years, aiding in his daring thefts. Walter, stirred by love for Lydia, made the audacious move of striking out on his own after stealing from Dracula, bidding farewell to his mentor, the Black Fox.[1]

He married Lydia, a somewhat retired cat burglar; they eventually had a daughter, Felicia, who idolized her father. Although largely retired, he still committed the odd burglary, explaining his frequent absences to Felicia by claiming to be a travelling salesman; the family didn't live remarkably well off the money it brought in, and Walter could have made money in other ways, but he was addicted to the thrill of crime. When Felicia was thirteen, Walter was put in jail for a crime he didn't commit; he asked Lydia to tell Felicia that he'd died in a plane crash. [3]

Embracing the life of a thief, he became affiliated with the New York City chapter of the Thieves Guild, imparting their ways to his daughter.[4] A few years later, he attempted to steal the Headdress of T'Chambwe from the Wakandan Embassy ended abruptly when the alarm sounded, compelling his hasty escape.[5]

Modern Age[]

Years passed, and the infamous Black Cat absconded with precinct documents concerning her father's prison. Simultaneously, Peter Parker delved into his own investigation, uncovering Walter Hardy's prolonged incarceration and terminal illness. A conflict ensued between Spider-Man and Black Cat, during which her accomplices breached the walls of Walter's cell, trapping Spider-Man beneath the debris.[6] Hindered by the rubble, Spider-Man was unable to prevent Black Cat, Boris Korpse, and Bruno Grainger from liberating Walter Hardy. At his residence, Black Cat unveiled her true identity as Felicia Hardy, Walter's daughter, lamenting her mother's deliberate concealment of his past. Walter chose to spend his remaining moments with his wife, departing as Black Cat plummeted into the river. Spider-Man, after the ordeal, sought solace with Lydia Hardy as she grieved Walter's passing.[3][7]

In the aftermath of a clash with Doctor Octopus that left Black Cat hospitalized, she confided in Peter Parker about an encounter with the ghost of Walter Hardy.[8]

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Walter Hardy was a skilled thief and cat burglar.

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