The past history of Walter Langkowski on Earth-9997 mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart. One major difference to his Earth-616 counterpart was the specifications of his powers. The nature of Walters's transformations into the Sasquatch were due to a biological mutation created by the Celestials. Walter was one of many human beings manipulated by the Celestials whose mutation would cause an evolutionary throw-back to an earlier point in humanity's evolutionary state, prior to Celestial manipulation.[citation needed]

In recent history, the Sasquatch was still a member of the Canadian super-group Alpha Flight. When the Skull was in the process of taking over America, Captain America gathered an assembly of super beings from around the world. Answering the call, Sasquatch joined his fellow Alpha Flight member Guardian in helping Cap fight the Skull in New York City.[citation needed]

Following the defeat of the Skull, and the installation of the Human Torches around the world, Alpha Flight was charged with defending the Torch in Canada. They failed when they were attacked by an army of Wendigos who killed everyone except for the Sasquatch who escaped with the severed head of the mechanical Guardian. Fleeing into the Canadian wilderness, they found the descendants of the Moon Tribe (and Wolverine's ancestors) living in the wilderness. These creatures took the two in where Walter worked on building a new body for Guardian based on the Moon People.[citation needed]

It was there that Walter was met by Wolverine of Earth-811 and X-51. Sasquatch and Guardian traveled with Wolverine to New York where they witnessed the battle at the Baxter Building between the Guardians of the Galaxy and invaders from the Negative Zone.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of the Walter Langkowski of Earth-616. His physiology and powers appear not have been effected by the Terrigen Mists.


Seemingly those of Walter Langkowski of Earth-616.

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