Wand of Watoomb
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Official Name
Wand of Watoomb[1]
Great Wand,[2] Great Golden Wand of Watoomb,[2] Wicked Wands of Watoomb[citation needed]
Current owner(s)
Previous owner(s)
Xandu, Victor von Doom, unnamed priestess of Yog
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The Wand of Watoomb are a magical artifact created by Watoomb.[3]

There may be six of them across the dimensions, all bearing the same name.[1] They are one-foot long crystalline batons with demonic heads carved on either end.

Hyborian Age

During the Age of Conan, a priestess of Yog wielded what appeared to be a Wand of Watoomb.The priestess used it to conjure the elements, seemingly believing its power was drawn from Yog. She used to battle Conan, who managed to take it from her and strike at her with it, killing her. The wand then disappeared.[4] The priestess was described as a "murderous goddess".[5]

Modern Age

The first revealed Wand of Watoomb had been broken in half, but followers of Dormammu had it restored. It was later seized by Doctor Strange.[6]

During a subsequent battle, Warren Traveler felt a connection between his Eye of Watoomb and this first Wand, so he stole it from Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, only to be pursued by Ms. Marvel until it was recovered.[7]

Later, during the Dark Reign, after Strange had fallen from the position of the Sorcerer Supreme due to use of dark magic, he explained to Wiccan that the Wand of Watoomb was among the various power-objects he would be forced to surrender to the new Sorcerer Supreme.[8]

When Madame Masque broke into Castle Doom, Iron Man went to investigate.[9] There he encountered Victor von Doom who shockingly gave him a second Wand of Watoomb as a show of good faith.

Madame Masque, upset that she had made off with a decoy Wand instead, killed her ex-Hydra informant for having provided what she believed to be false information, not knowing that there was indeed a second Wand that was now in Tony Stark's possession.[1]

A third Wand of Watoomb was seen in the Ravagers' treasure vault aboard Yondu's ship.[10]


The Wand absorbs and store mystical energy.[citation needed] Stored energy can be used for:

Objects of near-omnipotent power, each Wand is controlled by mere thoughts of its user, primarily for enhancing, multiplying, gathering, focusing, and redirecting mystical energies. They can be used to block mystical attacks, and use the energy absorbed to either heal the wielder, unleash a damaging blast, or erect a defensive barrier. They can also be used to control the elements, open portals to other dimensions, and allow the wielder to scry any person, place, or thing they are familiar with.[citation needed]

The Wand was stated by Xandu to be "the most powerful weapon in all necromantic lore", an exaggeration but not an excessive one.[3]

Alternate Reality Versions

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

The Wand of Watoomb was housed and protected at the Project Pegasus Facility in Wyoming.[11]

House of M (Earth-58163)

In the reality-warped Earth-616 reality known as the House of M, the Great Golden Wand of Watoomb was destroyed, leaving only the Eye of Watoomb, a lesser talisman, though still quite powerful. It was stolen by Warren Traveler who replaced one of his own eyes with it.[2]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Wong (Earth-199999) from Doctor Strange (film) 002.png

Wong used the Wand of Watoomb during his fight against Kaecilius and his Zealots in Hong Kong.[12]



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