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Wanda Maximoff
We are an unusual couple, you know?
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Oh, I don't think that was ever in question.
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  • Mind Stone (Construct)
  • Toast Mate 2000 (First appearance)


Recently married, Wanda Maximoff and the Vision move into a quiet town named Westview. On August 23rd, Wanda prepares a romantic dinner for their anniversary. However, Vision believes that the special occasion is them hosting his boss Arthur Hart and his wife for dinner. The couple resort to using their powers in order to create an entertaining evening and to leave a good impression on Vision's boss.

The evening takes a turn when Vision's boss starts asking too many questions about the couple's past. He nearly chokes to death, but Vision uses his powers to save him. In the end, the boss leaves with a good impression of Vision, Wanda and Vision come to terms with their unusual nature as a couple, and Wanda creates marriage rings for the both of them.

Unknown to them, their activity is broadcast as a WandaVision sitcom, being monitored by someone at a S.W.O.R.D. base.


Wanda MaximoffElizabeth Olsen
VisionPaul Bettany
AgnesKathryn Hahn
Mrs. HartDebra Jo Rupp
Mr. HartFred Melamed
NormAsif Ali
Phil JonesDavid Lengel
Commercial ManIthamar Enriquez
Commercial WomanVictoria Blade
Dennis the MailmanAmos Glick


  • Due to the multiple release date reshuffling of their films and series, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this episode is the official start of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • This episode was shot in front of a live studio audience.[1]
    • The episode's title, which was revealed days after the episode's release, references this fact.[2]


  • The events of the episode take place on Wednesday, August 23rd.
  • Together, Wanda and Vision decide that August 23rd is their anniversary and Yakety Yak by the Coasters is their song.
  • The wine bottle used in the episode reads "Maison du Mépris," which translates to "House of Mépris," which could be a reference to the House of M storyline, which centers around Wanda and her reality-transforming powers.
  • The commercial with the Stark Industries toaster is a reference to the bomb that Wanda and her brother Pietro were trapped for days with as children, as the toaster eerily beeps like a bomb and is labeled with Stark Industries, just as Wanda described in Avengers: Age of Ultron.
  • The in-universe end credits of WandaVision credit Abe Brown as the director of the episode. Abe Brown is known as the Black Tiger in the comics. A version of the character also appears in Spider-Man: Homecoming as one of Peter Parker's high school classmates.

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