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  • Mind Stone (Constuct)
  • Hydra Soak (First appearance)


Wanda's pregnancy takes an unexpected turn and new friend Geraldine steps in to assist. Meanwhile, Vision grows closer to some of his Westview neighbors.


Wanda MaximoffElizabeth Olsen
VisionPaul Bettany
AgnesKathryn Hahn
GeraldineTeyonah Parris
Doctor NielsonRandy Oglesby
Mrs. NielsonRose Bianco
Dottie JonesEmma Caulfield Ford
Commercial GirlSydney Thomas
HerbDavid Payton
Phil JonesDavid Lengel
Commercial WomanVictoria Blade
Commercial ManIthamar Enriquez
Commercial BoyWesley Kimmel


  • There's a shot in the title sequence where Vision isn't in his human disguise but his unbuttoned sleeve reveals Paul Bettany's skin not covered in makeup.
  • Wanda sings a Sokovian lullaby to her newborn children. The lyrics, when translated to English, say: "I waited for you, and this day has come. My heart became a home full of light, full of light."[1][2]
  • The song that plays at the end of the episode is "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees. The song was also used in the second official trailer for the series.


  • The title intro pays homage to several sitcoms from the 1970s:
    • The split screen opening is a staple of 70s sitcoms.
    • The repeating titles are directly taken from the Mary Tyler Moore opening.
    • The font of the titles and the title card are similar to that of The Brady Bunch.
    • The bicycle the two ride in the opening could be a reference to the bicycle in the opening of Three's Company.
  • Vision wants to name his son Billy after William Shakespeare. In Vision (Vol. 2), Vision's son Vin was obsessed with the Shakespeare play "The Merchant of Venice".
  • The defensive pose Wanda and Vision strike when things get chaotic in their household is very similar to their poses on the cover of Vision and the Scarlet Witch (Vol. 2) #1.
  • The "Coy" dishwashing soap is a play on the real-life Joy dishwashing soap, but Coy is also the name of X-Men character Karma.
  • The mid-episode advertisement references Hydra again for a bath soap called Hydra Soak. The commercial itself is an homage to the Calgon "Take Me Away!" commercials from the 1970s.
  • At the end of this episode, Wanda says "Oh, [Geraldine] left, honey. She had to rush home.", but on the "previously on WandaVision" scene at the beginning of episode 5, the line changes to "She's gone. She didn't belong here."

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