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"On a Very Special Episode..."

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"On a Very Special Episode..."

Quote1.png I have what I want. And no one will ever take it from me again. Quote2.png
-- Wanda Maximoff

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Synopsis for "On a Very Special Episode..."

Wanda addresses Vision's worries when he grows suspicious of the neighbors' strange behaviour.


  • Jimmy Woo states that Wanda was born in 1989, but the digital file on her shown, a few moments later, has 1988 listed as her birth year. 1989 seems to be the correct year, as it lines up with Jimmy saying her parents died 10 years later and the newspaper clipping of their death being dated March 1999.
  • Stock footage of Wanda from Avengers: Age of Ultron is used during the S.W.O.R.D. briefing on her.
  • "Norm" / Abilash Tandon's breakdown in this episode was already included on his character's S.W.O.R.D. profile sheet last episode.
  • Evan Peters makes a surprise guest appearance in this episode as Pietro Maximoff. He previously portrayed Peter Maximoff in the X-Men films.


  • Vision puts the baby pacifiers in his ears to resemble the electrodes on the neck of Frankenstein's Monster. This is a gag that draws a parallel between the two "undead" characters, who were both originally brought to life by mad scientists using lightning.
  • The title intro pays homage to several sitcom title intros from the 1980s:
  • Monica's failed X-ray appears to be a reference to her superhero appearance in the comics, as they look similar in the partial image.
  • During S.W.O.R.D.'s briefing, a "Satellite 348" is noted, which could be a reference to Avengers #348, where Vision's personality has been wiped and he tries to learn human emotions all over again.
  • Also during the S.W.O.R.D. briefing is the code A113, which is a popular Easter egg from Pixar movies. A113 refers to a classroom at California Institute of the Arts where a lot of the animators and designers of Pixar came from.
  • The scene of Wanda finding Vision's dismantled body being spread out in parts on a table is taken from West Coast Avengers (Vol. 2) #43 and 44.
  • Darcy says Vision is playing "Father Knows Best," which is a reference to the 1950s sitcom of the same name.
  • The family dog is named Sparky, just like Vision's synthetic dog in Vision (Vol. 2).
  • Darcy coins the term "hex" when she nicknames the Westview anomaly "the Hex," after its hexagonal shape. In the comics, Wanda's probability manipulation ability is called "hex magic."
  • The "Lagos" in-series commercial advertising a paper towel to clean up "a mess you didn't mean to" make is a reference to the Lagos incident from Captain America: Civil War, wherein Wanda accidentally blew up a building with her powers while trying to stop terrorists, which would then lead to the enacting of the Sokovia Accords.
  • The set for the exterior shot of Agnes' house is the same set that features the same house from the 1960s sitcom Bewitched,[2] which the series paid homage to in the second episode.
  • The episode's title "On a Very Special Episode..." is a reference to how some sitcoms in the 1980s and 1990s would tackle serious themes or real-world issues (ex. racism, child abuse, HIV/AIDS) in what they would call a "very special episode". In this episode, the sitcom reality seems to fall apart, which leads to Wanda and Vision having a serious argument. Wanda also leaves the sitcom reality to literally address a problem in the real world.
  • According to series head writer Jac Schaeffer, the addition of Pietro was intended to play on the sitcom trope of the relative who "comes to town and like, stirs things up with the family," as well as how sitcoms often got away with recasting a main character without problem.[3]


Character Actor
Wanda Maximoff Elizabeth Olsen
Vision Paul Bettany
Agnes Kathryn Hahn
Monica Rambeau Teyonah Parris
Jimmy Woo Randall Park
Darcy Lewis Kat Dennings
Pietro Maximoff Evan Peters
Billy Julian Hilliard
Tommy Jett Klyne
Billy (5 years old) Baylen Bielitz
Tommy (5 years old) Gavin Borders
Director Hayward Josh Stamberg
Dennis the Mailman Amos Glick
Norm Asif Ali
Agent Monti Alan Heckner
Agent Rodriguez Selena Anduze
Med Tech Jenna Kanell
Commercial Woman Victoria Blade
Commercial Man Ithamar Enriquez
Commercial Girl Sydney Thomas
Commercial Boy Wesley Kimmel
SWORD Drone Pilot Eli Everett
Darcy Double Christine Renaud
Billy Reference Jackson Robert Scott

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