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Wanda Magnus was first daughter of King Erik Magnus. She was birthed at Wundagore, in Transia, Europe, by Magda, and was a human.[1] Her brother Pietro was born there as well, though a mutant like his father.[2]

Pietro was extremely protective of his sister, and during her rare public appearances he was never away from her side. A non-mutant, Wanda was rarely seen in public. She was, however, constant fodder for the tabloid press, a situation which irked Magnus to no end.[3]

Wanda had children but, outside of the royal family, it was unknown who the father was. Some believed one possible father could be popular television star Simon Williams, known as Wonder Man, but that was merely speculation. Many believed it was because of his daughter's human genes that Magneto had been so merciful to the lesser race that had once attempted to enslave his people.[3][4]

During the events of House of M, Wanda doesn't appear in public much, but she appeared at the party honoring the House of Magnus. When the heroes attack the House of M, Princess Lorna and Pietro find Wanda disintegrated, and Quicksilver thought the attackers were behind it. Dr. Strange later found the real Wanda with her children, and began questioning her. During the confrontation, Hawkeye showed up and shot Wanda with an arrow; the arrow disintegrated, and Wanda's sons rendered Hawkeye non-existent. After explaining how their world came to be, she saw the battlefield, and found her brother dead at the hands of King Magnus. Horrified at what their kind has done, Wanda uttered the words "No More Mutants", and in an instant flash, the House of M world disappeared.[5]



Seemingly those of the Wanda Maximoff of Earth-616.

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