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Wanda Mason was the daughter of Walter Grant and World War II heroine Blonde Phantom. During a visit home, Wanda planned to hang out with some friends, but, with her mother missing, She-Hulk forced her to come with her to Las Vegas to follow a lead on her mother.[1]

There, they learned that Jason Keaton of the American Purity Foundation had her kidnapped and now had her in his custody. He also told them that he wanted "rosebud", the atomic bomb that his underworld rival Dutch Rosenblatt had stolen in the late 1940s. Since it was one of the Blonde Phantom's unsolved cases, he had kidnapped Louise to learn its whereabouts. When the She-Hulk borrowed Reed Richards' time machine to go back in time to 1946 Las Vegas to look for it, Wanda tagged along for fun. Together, they found roles in the younger Dutch Rosenblatt's organization to help him steal the bomb in order to learn where he was going to hide it in the future. The two of them clashed with the All-Winners Squad while capturing the bomb and defeated the heroes (in order to keep the past as intact as possible for sake of their present).[2]

Inspired by her mother's adventures in the past upon returning to the present, Wanda enlisted the help of Sue Richards in creating a costume to follow in her mother's footsteps. Hoping to continue the legacy of her mother, she began calling herself the Phantom Blonde. With this new identity, she helped ensure that the bomb didn't harm innocent people and even saved Keaton from committing suicide and turned him over to the authorities. Realizing the thrill of her adventure, the Phantom Blonde then announced to her mother her desire to follow in her footsteps, but her mother didn't think it was a good idea to drop out of college to be a superhero.[3]

The Puppet-Verse

Later, Wanda became the Phantom Blonde in order to join her mother and the She-Hulk in investigating the Puppet-Verse which was encroaching on New York City. The Puppet Master was finally defeated by the combined efforts of her mother and the She-Hulk.[citation needed]

The Fourth Wall

The Phantom Blonde flew with her mother and the She-Hulk to discover why random superheroes and villains were appearing and vanishing over the city from out of space and time. They were unaware he was actually the criminal scientist Isbisa was under the guise of a teacher, Dr. Sanderson, and that his class playing with his equipment designed to break the fundamental fourth wall of trans-dimensional physics (which was causing the appearances and disappearances).[citation needed]

After Civil War

After the super-human Civil War, Tony Stark considered Wanda as a potential Initiative recruit.[4]



Wanda is a normal human with no superpowers.[5]


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