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Scarlet Witch appeared in a flashback of Magneto as he got drunk. In the memory, Wanda cast a spell to hurt the members of her family in order to get rid of her father, but the spell didn't work on him because it turned out that she wasn't his biological daughter at all. She criticized him by saying he had no family and that he had always been alone which she relished in the thought of not being his child.

She struck out at him with her powers but Magneto magnetically balled up a huge chuck of metal and threw it at her knocking her unconscious. He then remembered that Stryfe was the one who killed Wanda and Pietro.[1]


  • Though in reality a genetically altered human, this version of her existed in (at least the illusion of) a mutant only paradise. She was noted by Nature Girl to be considered an Omega Mutant.[2]

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