Quote1.png No... No more mutants. Quote2.png
-- Wanda Maximoff clone src


After the rise of Weapon X as new High Lord and going by the name of Weapon Omega, humanity reached a point where was about to become extinct even at a higher level than they had with Apocalypse. In a last desperate attempt to survive, human scientists led by Dr. Moreau and Bolivar Trask, created from Wanda Maximoff stored DNA, even creating several clones. The Human Resistance's plan was that one of those clones could cast the same spell as its counterpart on Earth-616 to wipe out the mutant gene worldwide.[1]

Unfortunately, the use of his daughter as a guinea pig disliked by Magneto who destroyed all the clones except for one, leaving the human scientists with the only attempt to achieve their goal.[1]

As Weapon Omega's forces were at the gates of the city, Jean Grey, mutant used her mental power to make the clone use her power, proclaiming "No more mutants". Unfortunately, the spell was effective only on a radius of a dozen feet, affecting Jean Grey and Sabretooth. After this huge effort, clone fell limp and lifeless.[1]


Seemingly those of Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616)#Powers.

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