After the Many-Angled Ones corrupted the Cancerverse and Death was vanquished by Lord Marvel[2], Scarlet Witch and her fellow Avengers were placed under his service, now calling themselves the Revengers. They fought against the forces of Earth-616 in an attempt to corrupt that reality as well. However, Witch wasn't under Mar-Vell's complete power and was actually a spy working for the Machine Resistance. She revealed he true loyalty after witnessing her husband Vision get struck down. After using her power to send the Revengers' enemies to safety, she was killed by Mar-Vell.[3]

Scarlet Witch and some of her fellow Revengers were later resurrected and possessed by the Many-Angled Ones and the Xandarian Worldmind to secure Nova who had become a portal between the Cancerverse and Earth-616. With help from Sam Alexander, Nova fought off the Revengers and both he and Sam escaped to Earth-616 using a Cosmic Cube.[4]


Seemingly those of Scarlet Witch of Earth-616.

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