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Early Life

Wanda and her twin brother, Pietro, were born in Sokovia and lived relatively normal lives, until a shell made by Stark Industries landed in their home, killing their parents and leaving them stranded in fear for 3 days. Years later, they were voluntary test subjects for Hydra's experiments with the Mind Stone, which were overseen by Baron Von Strucker. The experiments unlocked innate powers within both of them. Wanda gained telekinetic and telepathic abilities, while Pietro gained super-speed.[1]

Age of Ultron

Attack on the Hydra Base

When the Avengers raided the Sokovian Hydra Base for Loki's Sceptre, the twins used the attack as an opportunity to escape. Pietro ran out of the base to distract the Avengers, injuring Hawkeye in the process, while Wanda snuck up behind Tony Stark and gave him a vision of the Avengers laying defeated while a Chitauri army entered a portal that lead to Earth. This prompted Tony to start experimenting on the sceptre, setting Wanda's plans into motion.

The Birth of Ultron

Stark's experiments, with the assistance of Bruce Banner, culminated in the creation of Ultron, an Artificial Intelligence hellbent on destroying the Avengers. After crashing a party at Avengers Tower, Ultron met with the twins in a Sokovian Church, telling them that he wanted to change the world.

Obtaining Vibranium

The first step in Ultron's plan was to obtain Vibranium so that he could construct himself a new body. The twins flew with him to South Africa in order to meet with his dealer, Ulysses Klaue. While working on securing the Vibranium out of a claw machine, the Avengers showed up in an attempt to stop him. After they made quick work of Pietro, Wanda stepped in and gave Black Widow, Captain America, and Thor visions that managed to subdue the three, with Hawkeye avoiding the manipulation by sticking a toilet plunger onto her face. This left Iron Man as the last line of defense against Ultron, who Wanda distracted by using her powers on The Hulk, making him go on a rampage through a nearby city. After subduing the out of control Hulk with the help of his Hulkbuster Armor, Tony and the rest of the Avengers retreated to Hawkeye's family home.

The Vision

Now that Ultron had the Vibranium he needed, Wanda and Pietro assisted him in breaking into and taking over taking a lab run by Helen Cho in South Korea. They used a regenerative chamber to construct Ultron's new body, which Ultron was upload his mind into as it was being constructed. This gave Wanda the chance to peer into Ultron's mind, where she only saw death and destruction. She and Pietro escaped the lab in fear, helping Captain America stop a runaway train from harming any civilians in the process. Now that she was allied with the Avengers she warned Steve of how dangerous Stark was in the state she put him in. The three rushed back to New York, where Stark and banner were in the process of uploading Jarvis into the body. After a brief confrontation, Thor, returning from a trip to the Well of Seeing, entered the lab and struck the chamber with his hammer. Out of the chamber came the Vision. After quickly flying out of the lab towards the tower's lounge area, Vision got full hold of himself, explaining what he believed his purpose was, and allowing Wanda to look into his mind, where she saw that all ounces of Ultron's destructive tendencies had vanished. Now with the upper hand, the Avengers made their way to Sokovia for their final confrontation with Ultron.

The Battle of Sokovia

The Avengers started by leading all of the residents of Sokovia away from the city, with Wanda using her powers to control the minds of the Sokovian people and get them to safety. By the time Ultron had arrived and raised the city, most of the people in the city had evacuated, leaving only the Avengers and Ultron's Army. Wanda, believing the entire situation to be her fault, broke down in tears. Hawkeye noticed this and gave her a pep talk, motivating her to help take down Ultron. The Avengers eventually regrouped at the church where she first met Ultron, where they defended the key that would send the floating city into the ground. Iron Man, Thor, and the Vision worked together to destroy Ultron's body, though he was able to escape. As the rest of the team went to evacuate the people that remained in the city, Wanda stayed behind to defend the key. Pietro would get taken down in battle after saving Hawkeye from a damaged Ultron, who had stolen the Avenger's Quinjet. This caused Wanda to break down, nearly destroying every Ultron Sentinel around her, and go after Ultron herself, who was just thrown out of the Quinjet by the Hulk. Wanda eventually found Ultron and ripped out his "heart", as the city started to plummet due to a barely functioning sentinel activating the key. Wanda would be saved by the Vision and the city would be stopped by Iron Man and Thor before it could reach the ground. The last remaining piece of Ultron would be destroyed by the Vision on the outskirts of where Sokovia used to be.

the New Avengers

After the Battle of Sokovia, Wanda joined the Avengers, along with the Vision, Falcon, and War Machine.[1]

Post-Age of Ultron

Wanda would become known as the Scarlet Witch and eventually encounter Billy Kaplan, inspiring him to become the superhero known as Wiccan. [2]

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Presumably same as Scarlet Witch of Earth-199999


Presumably same as Scarlet Witch of Earth-199999


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