A member of the Avengers, Wanda was amongst them as they addressed the issue with the Hulk. Going after the Armoured Avengers, the team encountered the Horsemen of Apocalypse.

During the battle, Wanda faced off against Sinister, but failed to do any real damage before he was driven back by Vision. Using the Ultimate Iron Man, the team went on to defeat Apocalypse.

They later joined the battle against the Hulk, but their mech was quickly destroyed by the titanic monster, forcing the Avengers to abandon it.

When Dr. Doom invaded the U.N. meeting, Wanda and her team attempted to stop him only to have the Ultimate Iron Man crashed on Liberty Island and destroyed. The other three Avengers were slain by the Latverian Dictator, prompting Wanda to swear vengeance.


Elemental Spells: Wanda can make use of a variety of spells including Fire, Water, Wind and Metal.

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