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X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

Scarlet Witch is a playable character in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse She is voiced by Jennifer Hale. A recommended character to have on the team, Scarlet Witch is able to fire hexes with many effects, including turning her enemy into a box with a surprise in it! Wanda's Hex Bolt, Reality Shift and Hex Locked powers bypass enemy invulnerability shields. She is also able to convert several enemies for a short period of time.

She appears in many mission briefings and, throughout the game, the X-Men gossip that she has a crush on Colossus.[1]


  • Game Skills:
    • Misfortune (Boost): Requires Reality Shift. Causes enemy attacks to backfire, reflecting a percentage of damage back on themselves.
    • Hex Bolt (Projectile): Fire a single hex-bolt.
    • Combustion (Radial): Requires Level 7. Use probability to spontaneously combust surrounding enemies and objects.
    • Reality Shift (Special): Requires Level 14, Combustion. Launch a hex bolt that has a chance to turn enemy into a box with something good inside.
    • Hex Locked (Projectile): Requires Level 21, Hex Bolt. Fire several hex-bolts with a chance to cause a deadly strike (1/3 instant health loss).
    • Hex Explosion (Projectile): Requires Level 28, Hex Locked. Fire a hex-bolt which causes nearby objects to explode violently.
    • Anarchy Assault (Radial, Xtreme): Requires Level 15. Unleash magic bursts with a random damage type, with a chance to convert enemies for a time.
    • Revitalize (Boost, Xtreme): Requires Level 20. Restore full Health Points for entire party, and raise max Health Points.
    • Probability Syphon (Boost): Each team member absorbs 20% of inflicted damage into Experience Points.
    • Amplify Luck (Boost): Requires Level 7, Probability Syphon. Amplify entire team's luck, increasing damage and chance of critical hits.
    • Heal (Boost): Requires Level 14, Amplify Luck. Gives party regenerative healing for a time.
    • Scarlet's Touch (Passive): Increase chance of critical hit on all attacks.
    • Deflect Missiles (Passive): Requires Level 14, Scarlet's Touch. Increases the chance of deflecting missile attacks.
    • Hex Mastery (Passive): Requires Level 21, Mutant Master. Increase damage and chance of critical damage when using hex-bolt attacks.
    • Mutant Master (Passive): Increases Experience Points regeneration rate.


There are 3 costumes available for the Scarlet Witch, including her original costume.

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