Wanda joined the Avengers along with her brother Pietro. Wanda quickly found herself attracted to Wonder Man. Pietro pressured Wanda to deny her feelings, but after Giant-Man and Wasp's wedding, Simon convinced Wanda that they could no longer deny their feelings, leading Quicksilver to quitting the team.

Quicksilver then rejoined Magneto's Brotherhood. Making use of Pietro's hatred of Wonder Man and the Avengers, Magneto manipulated Quicksilver into donning the identity of the Grim Reaper and attacking his former teammates. After his defeat, Pietro was unmasked to the shock of his sister.

In a subsequent battle between the Avengers and Magneto’s forces, the master of magnetism tried to kill Wanda for betraying mutantkind. Unwilling to see Wanda hurt despite his earlier statements, Quicksilver pushed her out of the way and was crushed beneath the heavy machinery Magneto tried to topple on Wanda, killing him instantly. Overcome by grief, Wanda unleashed a powerful hex which killed Magneto. After recovering from her grief, Wanda accepted Simon's proposal and the two were married.

After dying in battle against the Vision, Simon's brain patterns had to transferred into the Vision. Eventually, Wanda accepted her husband's new body and the two shared a happy life together.[1]


Seemingly those of Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616)#Powers

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